Bluon TdX is a new generation of R-22 replacement refrigerant

Achieve greater efficiencies, better capacity and immediate compliance with EPA regulations.

Bluon TdX is pending EPA SNAP approval.


Using Bluon TdX enables you to eliminate a major compliance risk, decrease your energy consumption, exceed your ROI/payback threshold and avoid a capital equipment outlay for new compliant systems.

Bluon TdX is created to be the answer to R-22.

Comply with EPA regulations

Bluon TdX has low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP). And because Bluon TdX operates at lower pressures, the potential for refrigerant leakage is greatly reduced.

Improve capacity and reduce unit run time

TdX reaches cooling capacity during each cycle faster than R-22. Over 24 hours of operations this can reduce a unit’s run time up to an hour and a half.


TdX also uses less amp draw per cycle than R-22.


TdX combines reduced run time and less amp draw to achieve significant energy savings on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Note: These results are based on third-party data log testing on a 5 Ton Liebert unit housed in a data center and operating 24/7. Performance results will vary based on equipment, climate and operational habits where savings could be more or less.

Reduce energy consumption by an average of 20% as seen by users

TdX 20 was purposely designed with an energy conservation focus. Third party engineering studies and hundreds of field tests validate TdX's average energy savings of 20%. The kWh savings is achieved through decreased compressor amp draw combined with reduced cycle times.

Avoid a Capital Investment in R-410A equipment

Bluon TdX extends the life of your existing R-22 units so there is no need to replace the equipment with new compliant systems. Using Bluon TdX means you've already achieved EPA compliance so you can continue using your R-22 units. TdX lowers the run time on the compressor, increases the lifespan of the current unit and saves considerable expense.

Bluon TdX is pending SNAP approval – Expected by Spring 2015

Bluon TdX is a unique patent pending blend of several SNAP-approved HFC refrigerants

TdX has undergone extensive testing in the 5 criteria areas the EPA assesses for SNAP and passed every test. Our application is awaiting EPA approval. TdX is being test marketed in units in several regions throughout the U.S.